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Company history


ΗΦΑΙΣΤΟΣ (Hephaestus) established in 1926 as a manufacturing company producing steam boilers and generator, pressure and process and special purpose tanks.The production was based on machinery which was mainly designed and developed by the founder of the company, Nikolaos Lestos.


As time was passing, even though those years of wars were rough for Greece and its economy, Nikolaos Lestos, really an uneasy mind, together with his son Joseph, who undertook the management of the company in 1966, expanded the manufacturing range introducing products unknown at that time to the Greek and European market.


In 1979, after of period of 10 years of research and development, they invented a machine for the production of corrugated furnaces.


Even today, there are only few manufacturing companies around the world, which have the capability of producing such a product. Most of these companies in Germany and former Yugoslavia employ machines developed by Hephaestus. Furthermore almost half of the boiler manufacturers in Europe and Asia install our corrugated furnaces and boiler heads into their boilers. 


In the 70’s, Hephaestus, sharing the global efforts for the environmental protection and better management of energy resources, designed and constructed pioneering systems for the combustion and exploitation of biomass fuels. In addition a new full automatic production line for solar heat exchangers and boilers was introduced into the shop floor. 


For over 75 years, commitment to total quality and after sales service represents the company’s strategic intent for the sustainable growth of the business. Furthermore, meeting customers’ specific needs and providing long term customer support by taking full advantage of the expertise of a boiler manufacturer, still remains the competitive edge that maintains the company at the forefront of the industry.

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