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Hephaestus core business is to design, supply, install and service  Energy & Power concepts characterised by Boilers & Co-generation Plants running on  liquid, gaseous and biomass fuels, Process and Pressure vessels, Control systems and other related accessories + equipment including Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery and Economizers






To provide customers with an overall optimal solution designed to meet specific requirements based on our long term experience and technology and our flexibility to adapt on different business and operational environments worldwide. KNOWLEDEGE will enable us to analyse and explore customers actual needs in order to provide POWER solutions with excellent value, reliability and efficiency






Our vision is our inner aim which drives our business. We aim to create added value and wealth for our customers, suppliers, employees and society by providing excellent energy and power solutions






  • To help society by creating growth and value

  • We are committed to satisfying customer needs by paying particular attention to their unique view of satisfaction

  • To provide environmental friendly and energy saving solutions

  • To encourage employee involvement, innovative and firm leadership

  • To protect cultural and religious differences and to encourage high moral and ethical behaviour






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