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Varor-D is the new generation of gas/oil fired 3-pass Steam Generator with 0.6 to 8 tn/h capacity of saturated steam at pressures up to 40barg.


Compact, easy to operate and maintain, ensures long-service life and safety during operation.


The Vapor-D is a once-through water-tube generator with a continuous monitoring of pressure & temperature of steam and modulating burner and feed water pump able to provide saturated steam at changing flow requirements.

The frequency converter modulates constantly the feed-water that is sent ot the coils in response to changes in steam pressure.

The servo control integrated on the burner, changes the amount of fuel and combustion air in direct propotion to the flow of water being sent to the coils. 99% of the water is converted into steam in the coils. Dry steam is then produced in the steam separator. The steam reserved in the steam separator is then further dried by the secondary steam dryer drum.


User Benefits you can rely on


  • Rapid start up from cold to full load in five minutes

  • Low cost coil replacement – multiple coil design permits replacement of only the damaged coil.

  • High quality steam – guaranteed 99% + dry steam

  • Simplified fuel switching – only have to turn selector, no burner changes required

  • Low fuel requirments – air preheating and reftactory lined chamber for complete combustion

  • Minimum off-on cycling – turndown ration up to 10 to 1 for handling wide range of loads.

  • Quick response to load changes – cycle time of less than one minute.

  • Low installation costs – packaged, compact units require only 60% of floor space neede for conventional fire-tube boilers.

  • Complete line – 10 sizes to permit proper selection for any applicarion

  • Safe design – no latent energy in the unit.

  • Risk of catastrophic failure is eliminated

  • Long life expectancy, rugged design and components, EN / ASME / TRD design

  • Coils are designed for a minimum of 40 barg in thicker coil walls for longer life.

  • Easy access to burners – end mounted burner is simple to maintain

VAPOR-D type

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