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B&W – VAPOR D 3x3



Direct fire – multi phase - Quick Steam  Generation

with (3x) independent passes

incorporating (3x) separate coils 

large steam drum receiver – drier

easy inspection with flange connectors outside steam generator  body


Positioning horizontal or vertical

Also available in

Clean & Pure Steam module


Main advantages

Rapid start up producing high quality steam at 5 min from cold

Three independent pass design ensures high  efficiency up to 91 %

Higher efficiency up to 95 % by inducting a economizer

Safe and unattended operation

Three independent coil design enhances passes of the of flue gases which is particularly advantageous when burning Heavy oil fuel or special oils


Saturated or Superheated steam 



250 to 6,000 kg/h 

Design Pressure:  

up to 60 bar

Max. Temperature:  

up to 450 oC

Type of fuel:  

Heavy Fuel Oil

Light fuel Oil

Natural Gas



Biomass – Solid [in combination with combustion chamber see Biomass systems]


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