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Horizontal Flue gas Boiler type

With reverse technology

(3 x)  passes

Single Full Corrugation Furnace

Full wet – immersed reverse chamber-box

Curved – Flanged Boiler & Box Plates



Main advantages


High efficiency up to 91 %

Higher efficiency up to 95 % by inducting a economizer

Low emissions due to large corrugated furnace and proper selection of burner

The design of the boiler results to a significant smaller volume than a conventional three pass boiler –KD type 





Hot or Superheated Water





300 KW to 3000 ΚW  



Design Pressure:  


up to 40 bar  / up to 350 oC



Max. Temperature:  


Saturated or Superheated  



Type of fuel: 


Heavy Fuel Oil

Light fuel Oil

Natural Gas



Biomass – Solid [in combination with combustion chamber see Biomass systems]



Design –Approval


The KHW series Hot water  boiler is designed according to new PED/EN regulation and approved by Lloyds Register of shipping Holland

ASME upon request



Area of use


Food industry, chemical process ,Finery ,Power plants, hospitals





Our company offer a 12 month warranty for 12 months from the day of start up



General Notes


Delivered as a compact unit ready for use



Hot Water and Superheated Water boilers from 250 kW to 50 MW

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