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( C stands for coil )



Low thermal stresses due to symmetrical boiler design

By pass system of flue gases

Main advantages

Increases boiler efficiency

Easy placement on every steam boiler system 

Economy of the fuel consumption of the steam boiler system   



Hot Water


400 to 60,000 kg/h


300 KW to 50 MW 

Design Pressure:

  up to 40 bar  / up to 350 oC

Max. Temperature: 

Saturated or Superheated  

Type of fuel:  

Heavy Fuel Oil

Light fuel Oil

Natural Gas



Biomass – Solid [in combination with combustion chamber see Biomass systems]


The K series steam boiler is designed according to new PED/EN regulation and approved by Lloyds Register of shipping Holland

ASME upon request


Large front and back doors for the easy access to smoke chamber of the steam boiler  

Area of use

Industry , Food industry, chemical process ,Finery ,Power plants, hospitals



Our company offer a 12 month warranty for 12 months from the day of start up


General Notes

Delivered as a compact unit ready for use saving on transportation  time and cost



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