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Corrugated flues for steam boiler construction

Corrugated flues are mainly used as structural components for both land and marine steam boilers. In steam boilers corrugated flues are used to transmit the heat of the following fuel gases to the surrounding water. As compared with plain furnaces tubes corrugated flues offer the following advantages regarding heat transmission:


  • with equal structural length the surface area of corrugated flue is greater than that of a plain tube.

  • under external pressure the corrugated flue is more resistant to buckling or denting and, therefore, can be fabricated with lower wall thickness

  • longitudinal stresses due to thermal expansion are largely absorbed by the corrugations or are transformed into smaller bending stresses. Thus the weldments (seams) between the corrugated flue and the flanged end or the plain end of the corrugated flue are to a great relieved.



We manufacture corrugated flues in 4 types described below:





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