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Pitch of corrugation 151 mm

Depth of corrugation 55 mm

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Main advantages comparing to plain furnaces

Greater heated surface area of a corrugated furnace with the same structural length

Greater absorption of thermal expansion 

Greater strength against external pressure with the same material  quality and thickness


Saturated or Superheated steam  


Hot or Superheated Water


400 to 60,000 kg/h


300 KW to 50 MW 

Design Pressure: 

up to 40 bar  / up to 350 oC

Max. Temperature:  

Saturated or Superheated  


The CF FOX  series  is designed according to new PED/EN regulation and approved by Lloyds Register of shipping Holland,

ASME upon request

Area of use:

Steam boilers ,Marine steam boilers



P 265 GH (Former HII)

P 295 GH (Former 17 Mn 4)

P 355 GH (Former 19 Mn 6)

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